Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'll never leave till the end

I'll never leave. (Is a promise and It last Forever.)

Words Can't Describe How I Feel For You, 
I Hope You Believe My Love Is True.
I'm Going To Keep You Locked In My Heart.
I Always Have, Even From The Start.
When I Close My Eyes I Think About You,
How You Make Me Smile, And Feel Loved Too.
You Don't Even Know How Lucky I Feel,
You've Helped My Heart Begin To Heal.
I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Your Love,
Your My Baby Sent From Above.
I Used To Feel Like I Would Never Find Someone Like You.
But Now I Know, That Its True.
I Have You To Hold Me And Tell Me Its Okay,
I Want You To Never Leave I Want You To Stay.
I Love You More Then You Will Ever Know. 
I Love You Baby. Don't Ever Go.
If You Left Me My World Would Die.
I Would Have Nothing But Tears In My Eyes.
So Baby I'm Making A Promise Today.
Ill Never Walk Away

Dedicated to my dearest one.......

Your truly,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am home.

Sorry for the hiatus....
I have so much to do for my blog yet too little time.....
When comes to blogging.....
Look at my previous post, it wasn't a recent post but a months ago post > <! so horrible.

I always like to keep my words clear,clean and short.....
Yet today will be an exceptional.

My life could be describe as a roller coaster.Going up and down.....I used to complain about life
Now, there's no more.

A little bit late and I knew it....I am actually a girl who holding more happiness than some people.
When I am sad, he will be always the one who holding back my tear. :)
When I am stuck, friends will never leave me alone, lend me a hand.
In this past years......friends that I met had never failed to amaze me.
My lovely parents who financially supporting me all the way, never hesitate by showing their love to a daughter like me....bear with someone like me, I know is not an easy task.

Few months ago, my parents decided to send to Switzerland for further studies.....
You have no idea how I strong I need to be, take a deep breath and tell myself everything will be fine but I am actually afraid till dead. It was a hard time.
Pretending wouldn't makes thing goes well.A precious lesson.

On mid August, I finally stepped on the Swiss land, Soerenberg.
So this is the beautiful town where I had been stayed for 4 well as the next 2 years.

 I met this awesome girls. Muski, Ade and Katy girl :D Thank god I met you girls in Swiss. I am blessed.:)
Muski- thanks for the babysitting, take so good care of me, be with me when I am lonely, stay with me when i am sad but nothing beats that we do shares a lot of happiness. :D I miss you so much.
Ade-I feel so comfortable with you.Is so great to share things with you.I belief that we have something in common.Remember Mr.Goodwin class? With you,is all good memories.....heart you friend.
Katy-Partner in crime, my best partner ever....cook me something nice next time. Miss your baby!!!
 Kevin Thomas.A person who always bitch about his crapping life for his whole semester to me.Not funny.the freaking whole semester...and story still going on ><!!!! My bitch friend.I love him.
 Jin Wei. Jin Jin.....My first Malaysian sister in Swiss. The one who pampered me a lot, listen to my stories, had good shopping spree with me and the most important  room 108 is always welcome me to make noise....thanks for taking care of me for all these while. :'(  (tears rolling in my eyes)
 Anchit....still my know why :D...thanks for everything. stay sweet with Ade. You got my support.
 Cipri and Akmal. I guess I am a troublemaker for both of you. Thanks for pampering me, treating me so well.
Thanks Akmal for carrying my super heavy luggage all the way from Luzern to Zurich airport and checking in all and sorry for annoying you all the time but don't slap me.
Cipri!!!You are my saving so nice to have you as my kid friend. :D
 Alex.Oh is Alex.....see Alex? you must run for your life. But I kind of miss this retards....I miss you.Enjoy your time in greece.See you real soon.
 Codrin,Cipri,Marcell and Bence.
Codrin!!When I first knew him,he was with his water gun and a huge sunglasses hang on his head.Is nice to know him as well.
Marcell.Marcell........shine me up all the time with her stupid smile.I miss him...I miss his laughter.
Bence. Ok!!!!He always call me princess, this makes him special to me.
Jason Kok.Jason!!!Jason!!!!Is so good to have you in Soerenberg. Thanks for everything and pampering me.

Now I am back home. Some of them starting their internship, some on their way home and some are traveling.
I wish everyone of you have a safe flight back home, all the best for your internship and enjoy traveling.....not to forget Merry Christmas in advanced.

During these time, I am shedding my tear and reminiscing all the good times with the awesome people like you. In Switzerland, I never cry for home or being lonely just because you who surrounding me everyday are pampering me and protecting me all the time.Couldn't resist that I am still a little baby who yet to get out from the comfort zone. Even though you guys don't mind to give me a kick whenever I did something wrong or shouted at me for stop being like a baby but ended up you guys still treat me like a baby. Everyday of my day in Soerenberg is not DOOM.

In brief, I would like to thanks to him for being with me everyday and night, sunset to sunrise to prove that MILES APART,TOGETHER AT HEART. I love you. Forever is still not long enough to describe my love to you.I might be silly, might be stubborn but this makes you love me even more.

Your truly,

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am in blessed.
Just feel so glad to have you. :D
much love~~~

My heart is weak, my soul is deep with words I can speak
But, would you listen, understand or even believe
So I prefer to show you in actions, take you through a journey of my thoughts
So when words are spoken then walls are broken 
and you believe in my love
Because my heart is weak, my soul is deep with words I can speak
Do you believe?

your truly,
Miss Loo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updated. (switzerland)

Gruezi people~~~
I am here in the beautiful place....
Despite of missing food and baby,babes,darling or whatsoever in my motherland...I am doing great here.

by then~~~cheerio.....
will updates more once I get free...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I won't cry"
I see no reason,
I see no rhyme,
Why have I been left behind
alone to serve the sentence of your crime?
I've been put down and pushed around,
often finding myself on the ground.
I've had to push myself deep inside
and build a wall behind which I can hide,
hoping only too survive.

I see no reason,
I see no Rhyme,
Why have I been left behind
alone to serve the sentence of your crime?
Though my heart still beats and my lungs still breath,
I no longer feel alive.
I've sealed my feelings deep inside,
Now I wont scream and I won't cry tonight............

Your truly,
Miss Loo

Things finally comes to the end.......
Never know it, it will be this way........
Is all unpredictable.
Move on!Move be survive.

I will keep myself silent.

Silent Tear
Yesterday I
cried a silent tear for fear of losing you
Today I cried a
silent tear because you left my heart behind
Tomorrow I'll
cry a silent tear because I'll be getting over you....

your truly.
Miss Loo

Monday, August 1, 2011

Touch this beautiful land and my heart.

hello....hey.....EVERYBODY out there?I am back.
It took hours for me to admit that I am back home.

Alright so this trip is all about shopping.....
 Finally!!!Jill Stuart blusher and make up base.
 Bracelets for the month. :/ got myself a little chloe from taiwan! and Juicy bracelet is dirt cheap :) and little G bracelet from my town.
Buy buy looks still alright here...

I will be back to taiwan soon.XD
will update more once my babes has upload all the pictures. evil laugh*

Your Truly,
Miss Loo