Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'll never leave till the end

I'll never leave. (Is a promise and It last Forever.)

Words Can't Describe How I Feel For You, 
I Hope You Believe My Love Is True.
I'm Going To Keep You Locked In My Heart.
I Always Have, Even From The Start.
When I Close My Eyes I Think About You,
How You Make Me Smile, And Feel Loved Too.
You Don't Even Know How Lucky I Feel,
You've Helped My Heart Begin To Heal.
I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Your Love,
Your My Baby Sent From Above.
I Used To Feel Like I Would Never Find Someone Like You.
But Now I Know, That Its True.
I Have You To Hold Me And Tell Me Its Okay,
I Want You To Never Leave I Want You To Stay.
I Love You More Then You Will Ever Know. 
I Love You Baby. Don't Ever Go.
If You Left Me My World Would Die.
I Would Have Nothing But Tears In My Eyes.
So Baby I'm Making A Promise Today.
Ill Never Walk Away

Dedicated to my dearest one.......

Your truly,

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